RAGE Tool Kit Finally Released

Hallelujah brothers, for there is still hope in this cruel world. Remember the promised mod tools for RAGE? Well, it took id Software some time but Bethesda has finally released RAGE’s Tool Kit on Steam (you can find them in the Tools section of Steam). RAGE’s Tool Kit is 35Gb in size, so get ready for a really, really big download.
Question now is whether modders will be able to alter the game’s textures and overhaul them. This was one of the biggest issues we had with RAGE and due to mega-texture, it might be impossible. Still, with the release of the tool kit, we hope that talented modders will be able to impress all of us.
Kudos to id Software for providing them, though they should be available last Summer. Hell, those tools were promised to be available alongside the release of RAGE, but that’s a different story.
Bethesda has also provided the following links, so make sure to read them while the tool kit is being downloaded:
Welcome to the RAGE Tool Kit
RAGE Tool Kit FAQ and EULA