RAGE 2 Update 2 releases on July 25, will add New Game+, Ironman Mode & Ultra-Nightmare difficulty

Bethesda has announced that the second big update for RAGE 2 will be released on July 25th. This update will introduce a New Game+ mode, as well as an Ironman Mode and an Ultra-Nightmare difficulty for those seeking more challenging battles.

Furthermore, this patch will features numerous bug fixes and quality of life improvements. It will also add a flashlight and will make the Ark tutorial skippable (thank God for that).

After finishing the game, I can safely say that it was a fun and mindless action first-person shooter. To be honest, I didn’t really bother with some side-quests and the main story was average at best, however the combat and shooting mechanics were really great.

But anyway, we expect Bethesda to reveal the full patch release notes at a later date (perhaps a day before the update becomes available) so we’ll be sure to keep you posted!