RAGE 2 looks to be exclusive to the Bethesda launcher

A few hours ago, Bethesda announced the release date for RAGE 2. However, and similarly to Fallout 76, it appears that this game will also be exclusive to the Bethesda launcher and will not be coming to other digital stores like Steam.

The game can be currently pre-ordered exclusively on the Bethesda launcher and when you click the pre-order button on its official website, it only links you to the Bethesda launcher. Bethesda has not officially confirmed anything yet but since there isn’t any Steam store page for RAGE 2, I think we can safely assume that it will not be coming to it.

Back in August, Bethesda claimed that not all of its titles will be exclusive to the Bethesda launcher, however that it appears that this won’t be the case with RAGE 2. Bethesda did not state back then that RAGE 2 would be coming to Steam either so technically, and while this is a bit disappointing, the publisher has not lied to its PC customers.

We also know that RAGE 2 won’t support mods at launch, something that may change though in the future (doubtful but hey, you never know).

RAGE 2 is currently planned for a May 14th release!