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RAGE 2 will not support mods at launch, may support them in future

Similarly to DOOM Eternal, RAGE 2 will not support mods at launch, though there is a chance that this game will also support them post-launch. Let’s not forget that RAGE 2 is developed by id Software and Avalanche Studios; two companies that were really open to mods in their previous titles.

As id Software’s game director Tim Willits told PCGamer when asked about the mod support in RAGE 2:

“RAGE 2 will not support modding out of the gate. You know that at id Software we’re big into mods, so we know it’s important, we just haven’t figured out that roadmap yet.”

So it’s pretty much the same situation with DOOM Eternal. While both of these games will not launch with mod support, id Software may add it via a post-launch patch.

RAGE 2 is currently scheduled for a Spring 2019 release!