Quantum Break – New DX11 patch released, optimizes ambient occlusion & spotlight shader path

Remedy has released a new patch for the Steam version of Quantum Break. According to the release notes, this patch optimizes ambient occlusion effect loading for common resolutions and fixes the optimized spotlight shader path.

As you may have already guessed, the Win10 version of Quantum Break won’t receive the DX11 path. It’s pretty sad but this basically confirms our concerns, especially when Remedy claimed that the Win10 version would be identical to the Steam version.

Moreover, this means that various optimizations to the Steam version won’t be available to the Win10 version and vise versa.

Remedy also claimed that it continues to investigate reported startup crashes and live action playback issues. There is no word for further optimizations or a possibility of SLI/Crossfire support.

This patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can read its changelog below.

Quantum Break – Patch October 25th Changelog:

  • Optimized ambient occlusion effect loading for common resolutions
  • Fixed optimized spotlight shader path