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Brutal Half Life Beta 2 is now available for download

Inspired by the amazing Brutal Doom, modder ‘zoonyarts’ has been working on a Brutal mod for the first Half-Life, and released a new beta version of it. As its description reads, Brutal Half Life is a mod that makes the game more violent and addictive, and it is also a tribute to the classics FPS games.

Brutal Half-Life beta 2 features a chapter selection map, 4 new maps based on classic FPS games, new weapons, dual-weapons, different fluid forms for blood, new physics reactions for some weapon attacks, some AI and camera movement improvements, as well as new head gore variations.

In addition, this new beta version improves rocket trails, allows players to spawn infinite monsters in Zoo, allows an unlimited number of allies to follow the player, changes blood decals and burnt and hurt skins behaviour, and changes the realistic agony sounds.

Those interested can download the mod from here. Below you can find the complete changelog for this new beta version.

Have fun!

Brutal Half Life (BETA 2) - Gore Demonstration

Brutal Half Life Beta 2 Release Notes

-Chapter selection map
-4 new maps based on classic FPS
-New weapons:
-Desert eagle from Opposing Force
-Hyperblaster from Quake 2
-Plasmarifle from Doom
-Rocket launcher from Quake 1
-Dual weapons:
-Desert eagle
-Different fluid forms for blood:
-Splashes, drips and streams
-Player and monsters bleeding out (player bleeds in hard mode or when no HEV)
-New weapon animations
-Aiming with the sights
-New physics reactions for some weapon attacks
-New head gore variations
-Barney can carry more weapons
-Some AI improvements
-Dead HEV dismemberment
-Weapon recoil
-Small camera movements
-No-HEV hands

-Now you can spawn infinite monsters in Zoo
-Realistic agony sounds
-Now the silencer for the glock only attaches when you take it from hassasin (or world silenced glock)
-Unlimited allies can follow you now
-Returned crowbar decals and reedited bulletholes
-Changed beheading sound and its behaviour
-New skills balance
-Blood decals changes
-Improved rocket trails
-Kick behaviour
-Ground-dying animations now have an end
-Changed burnt and hurt skins behaviour

-Hornet crashes
-More visible crosshairs
-Finished islave, alien grunt and controller skins
-Now m249 view model decrease bullet rounds like in opposing force

-A lot of other additions, changes and improvements…