Puzzle Platform Title “Nihilumbra” Now Available On The PC


BeautiFun games today announced the release of Nihilumbra’s PC version. According to the team, the PC version is an enhanced, large screen version of the original game that was designed for smaller devices. Nihilumbra is now available for Windows, Linux and Mac, featuring new graphics, voice acting, sounds and levels adapted to widescreen monitors.

In order for gamers to try the game before making a decision, BeautiFun Games has prepared a little demo that can be played through the browser.

Aniol Alcaraz of BeautiFun games said:

“Everyone who buys the game will get a free Steam code as soon as we get Greenlit. Nihilumbra is in the Top10 right now on Steam’s Greenlight, so that time is about to come.”

Nihilumbra is a puzzle platform video game. Players will control Born as he walks and jumps across the game’s levels. There are multiple enemies that the player needs to avoid since, at first, there is no way to defeat them. The game is divided into the five worlds that Born explores. In each of them, the player is granted a new colour, with which the player can paint on the terrain to modify the behaviour of the environment.


Nihilumbra Development video for WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX