PUBG Update 7.2 released on Test Servers, adds Ranked Mode, balances weapons & reworks shotguns

PUBG Corporation has announced that Update 7.2 for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on Test Servers. This Update adds Ranked Mode, re-balances weapons, reworks shotguns and adds a Jerry Can.

Here are some additional details about the new features of PUBG Update 7.2.

Ranked Mode:
  • Ranked Mode is the heaviest addition to the game with players invited to play under a different and more competitive set of rules with all of the action being tracked and rewarded under a new system. AI will be added in update 7.2, however, no AI will be featured in Ranked Mode. Playing in Ranked Mode will mean 64 total players, no Red Zones, and a focus on making the best loot more readily available. It means saying goodbye to Survival Title (stats will be preserved though) but the rewards for Ranked Mode should flow freely.
Jerry Can:
  • You really shouldn’t, but we know some of you really love playing with fire. The trusty ol’ Jerry Can is more dangerous than ever with new capabilities based on the fuel inside. First, you can now throw a Jerry Can, which spills some of the fuel where it lands. Similarly, players can pour the fuel from a Jerry Can creating puddles of potential destruction wherever they want. As long as it hasn’t evaporated (this usually takes a few minutes), all of that spilled fuel can be ignited with explosions, Molotovs, and gunfire.
Shotguns Rework:
  • Shotguns are a different story, now doing 1.5x damage to the head and 1.05x damage to limbs (up from 1.25x and 0.9x, respectively), so you’re truly getting more bang for the buck. While damage increases will get the headlines, the improved utility of shotguns will really come from the reduced accuracy penalty during movement, less damage drop at range, and better hip-firing accuracy. Vikendi just got a lot louder.
Weapon Balancing:
  • A few other weapons are being slightly adjusted to balance out gameplay styles and open up new possibilities. Some of the most popular assault rifles are seeing reductions in recoil. Even the M416 specifically is getting a reduction in base damage among other changes.

PUBG Update 7.6 will go live for all users on May 20th on the PC. Moreover, you can find a trailer for this new patch below.