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PS5-exclusive Returnal appears on Steam database, codenamed “Oregon”

It appears that the PS5-exclusive game, Returnal, will be also coming to PC. This roguelike third-person shooter has appeared on Steam’s database with the codename “Oregon”.

As we can see from the richpresence tokens, there are numerous references to Returnal.

returnal steam db

For instance, Atropos is a hostile alien planet that serves as the main setting of the game. Moreover, Tower of Sisyphus isĀ an endless game mode for Returnal. Not only that, but Helios is the main ship that Selene arrives at Atropos on.

Furthermore, the game’s user tags also reveal that Oregon is a third-person roguelike shooter with support for online co-op. And yes, that’s exactly the type of game Returnal is.

It’s worth noting that Returnal was present in one of the biggest leaks of unannounced PC games we’ve ever seen. Additionally, the game is using Unreal Engine 4, so it should be easy to port it to the PC. Let’s at least hope that it won’t suffer from any stuttering issues like most UE4 games.

Our guess is that Sony will officially reveal Returnal for the PC after the release of UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

Stay tuned for more!