Proof that the Source Engine is capable of producing next-generation graphics

So you though that the next-generation visuals will be powered by either Unreal 3/4 Engine or CryEngine 3? Well, guess again. An artist was tasked by his company to port one of their CGI scenes to Valve’s Source Engine and get ready to drool all over your screen. Why? But because the end result is really astonishing.
We should note however that the lighting in this video is bre-paked but we already know that the Source Engine is capable of a floating-point dynamic lighting system, so there are no worries in that area.
The artist also stated that as well as porting the (optimized) models, he also baked their textures. Moreover, the floor is a covered by a clever func_reflective_glass entity.
Source Engine is really flexible and as we can see, it’s capable of producing some pretty neat visuals.
Using Vray with Source