Mass Effect fans, meet Mass Effect: Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Have you ever wondered how Mass Effect would look like if it was a 2D platform fighting game? No? Well, it doesn’t matter as ”mtrain” is developing a mod for OpenBOR that is based on Mass Effect’s universe and its first version is available right now via Lavalit. Be warned though that it is an alpha version and it has some issues with the hit detection. Those interested can also check a video after the jump.
As stated above, the game is not complete yet and lacks lots of things that will be added at a later date. It looks pretty cool though. In the center of the action is underground Corporation Black Frontier, which was engaged in the creation of combat mechs, based on living beings. Well, seems that two heroes – created by Black Frontier – tried to resist them. Two soldiers from Shepards dead squad (before ME1), who secretly stole Black Frontier for experiments.
Those interested can download it from here. Make sure though that you have the latest version of OpenBOR, otherwise this mod won’t work!
MASS EFFECT: Dark Corners of the Galaxy (FAN GAME DEMO)