Project CARS gets a 2013 release date

Some of you already knew about this but up to this moment, the official word was that Project CARS would be hitting PC in late 2012. Not anymore, as Slightly Mad Studios revealed – via the game’s FB page – that the game is currently slated for a March 2013 release. This basically means that we have almost a year till this bad boy gets out.
In other news, Slightly Mad Studios will be changing company structure in the sense that they will become part of something bigger and better. As a result of that, will most likely close off investment for members in the very near future. Those who are already in the pre-alpha stage won’t be affected by these changes though.
What it does mean though is that if you are considering upgrading your tool pack/membership level in the future it might be good to do this within the next 2-3 weeks, otherwise you won’t be able to do so.
Enjoy the following videos from the game’s latest pre-alpha build!
Project CARS - Azure coast (Ariel Atom 300 supercharged)

Project CARS - Ariel Atom V8 @ Besos