Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 – PC Demo Now Available

As promised, Konami has released the PC demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. This demo rolls out simultaneously with the game’s release on the PC as Konami was afraid that people would ‘experiment’ with the demo’s executable file – and possibly find hacks for the final game – prior to the full game’s release.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 aims to deliver stunning visuals and animation where the world’s greatest players move and play just their real-life counterparts, while PES ID ensures that the whole team matches their famed playing style.

Do note that the PC version is basically a current-gen and old-gen hybrid. Konami claimed that while the PC version will feature the same modes and gameplay as the current-gen version, it won’t feature the visual elements that can be found in the PS4 version.

As PES 2015’s European brand manager said, ‘creating a version for PC just wasn’t possible this year.’

Those interested can download the demo from here.