Pro Cycling Manager 2012 – Release Date Announced, New Screenshots Revealed

Pro Cycling Manager/Tour de France 2012, the definitive cycling simulation series and best seller every summer in Europe, unveiled an final series of 5 images before its release next week! An excellent way to discover more the new edition of this sports manager/simulation game for PC, that will be showing off one last time with its launch trailer, before the official release on June 21st!
The variety of new features in Pro Cycling Manager 2012 will please both new players and hard-core fans of the famous series. More complete than ever with the arrival of a new Pro division, new teams (a total of 81) and new competitions, Pro Cycling Manager deepens its management options thanks to the new and eagerly awaited Season Planner, which allows players to train their team for the upcoming season. The Tour de France is the pinnacle of the 2012 season, which now offers more than 180 playable competitions!
Never before has cycling been this faithfully rendered. The game benefits from incredibly detailed rider models, as well as new scenery, race elements and environments. The refined AI opponents react and adopt realistic strategies within each stage and throughout the competition.
Exciting in solo, Pro Cycling Manager 2012 now offers a unique multiplayer system for the very first time! Players will challenge each other in a persistent universe with a competition schedule, where every victory counts. With the new card system, players will now be able to create their own personal dream-team, including modern day champions as well as legendary riders of cycling history.
Pro Cycling Manager 2012 will be available on PC on June 21st.