Prince of Persia 6 domain was fake, is now available for sale

Earlier this month, we informed you about the appearance of a domain for Prince of Persia 6. This domain showed at first as the registrant and featured Ubisoft’s DNS servers. Thus, it looked legit. However, it appears that it wasn’t as the domain is currently available for sale.

As we wrote in our original story, the registration details for the Prince of Persia 6 domain changed in just one day. Instead of, the registrant changed to GoDaddy. And when this happened, we immediately knew that something was fishy.

As the clearly states nowadays, the domain is available for sale. Not only that, but the one behind it has used the Facebook, Twitter and media references in order to boost its price. As the domain’s description reads.

“This domain is shared on social networks and news websites worldwide in few days and has ~15.000 results on Google.”

In short, this isn’t the real domain for a new Prince of Persia game. And while Ubisoft may be working on such a game, this domain cannot be used now as evidence.

Prince of Persia fans can also take a look at this cancelled Prince of Persia game, Prince of Persia Redemption. Prince of Persia Redemption is a game that was in development for the PC and old-gen consoles. However, Ubisoft decided to pull the plug on it in 2011.