Here are 3 minutes of gameplay footage from the cancelled Prince of Persia Redemption game

Yesterday, we informed you about the registration of a new domain for Prince of Persia. While this registration now appears to be bogus, Ubisoft had been working on a Prince of Persia game back in early 2010s. This PoP was called Prince of Persia Redemption, was cancelled in 2011, and you can find below 3 minutes of gameplay footage from it.

Now in case you’re wondering, this is a real and not a fan-made game. Andre Belleau, former technical assistant and graphic designer at Ubisoft, has confirmed it. What’s also funny here is that this video has been live for eight years, without anyone noticing it.

Prince of Persia Redemption was a reboot of the series. While we don’t know why Ubisoft has cancelled it, the game would hit PC and old-gen consoles in 2010-2011.

But anyway, this gameplay video will give you an idea of the game’s graphics and combat mechanics. It looks cool, so again we are puzzled as to why Ubisoft decided to cancel it.

Let’s at least hope that the French team will reveal a new Prince of Persia game sooner than later.


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