Primal Carnage: Extinction – Now Available On Steam Via Early Access Program

Circle 5 Studios and Pub Games have announced that Primal Carnage: Extinction is now available in Early Access on the Steam platform with a target full release in January 2015. In addition, Circle 5 Studios has provided with a review code, so expect to read our first impressions – hopefully – this weekend.

Below are some of the major features that define Extinction.

? Increased Performance – A complete recoding of the game and a variety of optimizations now allow the game to run at 40-60 FPS on most PC hardware including low-spec laptops, where it previously was restricted to higher end gaming machines.
? Greater Visual Fidelity- Every map has been overhauled, every part of the UI replaced, every human character re-designed.
? More Dinosaurs- There are five classes of dinosaurs to choose from, and Extinction will go into Early Access with 9 playable dinos.
? More Weapons- The human team uses a 3-slot swappable weapon system for each of the five human classes. Many new weapons have been added to the game and more are already in the pipeline.
? New Customization options- Extinction offers a variety of cosmetic options for players to customize their characters with. There is a much wider variety of base skins to give your dinosaurs before also perhaps adding feathers, quills, horns, and chains! The human characters also have new slots for characters up with new skins, hats, and other accessories. A wide variety of cosmetic items are available in the game and many or are on the way.
? Steam Economy Support and Item Drops- All of these items can be sold and traded through the Steam Marketplace and players will have plenty to trade as Extinction offers occasional drops of different items and item-crates.

Players who purchased the game before November 20th, 2014, will get the opportunity to purchase the game at an 85% off. Players who buy Primal Carnage from November 20th through the end of Early Access will be able to buy Extinction for 50% off. All DLC from the original game will carry over to Extinction when a player first opens the game. Additionally, everyone who buys the game during Early Access gets the new Volcano Spinosaurus skin for free.


Primal Carnage: Extinction - Alpha Gameplay | PC