PREY mod adds volumetric lights, sun shafts, missing shadows, particles effects, physics and more

Our reader ‘jmx777’ has informed us about a new version of his Real Lights plus Ultra Graphics mod for PREY. This latest version of the mod adds volumetric effects to almost all lights. In addition, this new version adds volumetric shafts to sun, improves flare effects and improves the TOD at the beggining of the game.

Moreover, Real Lights plus Ultra Graphics V0.97 improves global Volumetric fog and deactivates more of the fake lights that Arkane added to the game. Furthermore, this mod activates missing shadows on level-specific lights on all the levels. Also, specific level overrides for stopping some lights to cast shadows are deactivated. This will basically let specific lights cast shadows at the same time in a small area.

It’s also worth noting that all the lights now affect fog and smoke correctly. In addition, jmx777 has added physics to Thypons gibs, added a number of particles effects, and improved blood spreading. Also, the modder has included system.cfg in order to get more robust implementations of engine variables.

Since I don’t have PREY installed, I can’t provide any before/after comparisons. Still, and from the sounds of it, this looks like a must-have mod for all those wishing to replay the game. We are also almost certain that this mod will slightly increase the game’s PC requirements with all its new graphics/visuals effects.

In order to showcase some of the new features of this mod, jmx777 shared the following screenshots.

Volumetric Lights

Lights affecting fog and smoke correctly

Volumetric Sun Shafts

Improved global Volumetric fog

Activated missing shadows

Those interested can download the mod from here, and below you can find its complete changelog.

PREY Real Lights plus Ultra Graphics Mod 0.97 Release Notes: 

NOTE! In this version, I changed the main file preset to have only Reshade’s AO+IL and DOF active in order to maintain the game original art design view, if you come from older versions set in-game brightens at 0. For those who want the “Darker Atmosphere” a folder is included whit a Reshade config preset, place in C:\***\Prey\Binaries\Danielle\x64\Release and remember set the in-game brightness to -5.

  • Volumetric lights! Added volumetric effects to almost all lights e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (I’m open to suggestions if the effects are too strong).
  • Added volumetric shafts to sun, and improved flare effects. Now all the lights affect fog and smoke correctly.
  • Improved global Volumetric fog, now is denser (on par with smoke, gas, air and oxygen leaks across the station)
  • More fake lights deactivated in several levels.
  • Activated missing shadows on level-specific lights on all the levels, also specific level overrides for stopping some lights to cast shadows are deactivated letting specific lights cast shadows at the same time in a small area.
  • Tons of cuted particles effects activated! For Canister Explosions, lure grenades, Nullwave grenades, EMP grenades, operator dispatchers effects, recycler machine idle effects, particle lights effects, specific cinematics effects, and more!
  • Activated better muzzle flare and bullets tracer effects for turrets that weren’t used.
  • Added black smoke for fire leaks in pipes
  • New effects added to recycle grenade detonation.
  • Increased power of mod flashlight, also now is more centered on screen being more accurate and easy to use.
  • New effects for turrets! explosion when gets disabled, stunned effect, electrocuted effect.
  • New effects for operators explosions! Added fire effects, sparks and smoke
  • New particle effects for pistol, shotgun and wrench hits for all surfaces (Brand new and cuted ones).
  • Improved TOD on game beginning.
  • Added particle effects to electronics reacting to emp grenades and phantoms.
  • Arboretum Lamp Post now cast properly sun shadows
  • Lights on electronic objects react blinking when impacted.
  • Added physics to Thypons gibs
  • Added effect to wrench hit on computers screens.
  • Improved blood spreading when hitting humans
  • Activated shadows for all types of grenades when launched and when holding in hand.
  • Changed icons on the selection wheel to be as showed on early gameplay demos
  • Included system.cfg in order to get more robust implementations of engine variables.
  • Fixed different objects shadow not appearing in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed weird double Shadows on Morgan’s corporate bedroom.
  • Toned down Reshade indirect lighting to be more subtle and accurate.
  • Fixed mimic blood sometimes gets stuck in the middle of the air and improved blood spreading.
  • Only smaller tweaks, fixes, and improvements to be done to get to the final release!
  • 0.9 Vanilla flashlight update:
    Now vanilla flashlight cast shadows too! Updated optional file.

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