Prey 2 – Leaked Documents Reveal System Shock 2 Influences, Targeting 2016 Release

Ah, here comes another Prey 2 story. Our reader ‘wyatt wallen’ has informed us about some leaked documents of Prey 2 that reveal some juicy new information about this new ‘Duke Nukem: Forever’ game. According to the leaked documents, Prey 2 will last 10-20 hours, will be a spiritual successor to System Shock 2, will be released on current-gen platforms only, and targets a 2016 release.

Prey 2 will be a first person shooter with RPG elements, will feature melee and ranged combat (as well as psionic powers), will sport unique aliens with imaginative powers, and will pack story choices that will have consequences.

These leaked documents also reveal that Arkane Studios is indeed the developer behind it.

We don’t know whether the documents are still accurate or whether Arkane has scrapped everything (note that PS4 and Xbox One are referred with their codenames, suggesting that these documents are quite old). Still, this will give you an idea of what this new Prey 2 game will – possibly – look like.


Prey 2 Document 2

Prey 2 Document 1