Pokemon The Legend of RED is a new Pokemon fan remake in Unreal Engine 4, available for download

Pokemon fans, remember the Pokemon Fire Red 3D fan remake in Unreal Engine 4? Well, we’ve got some good news today as a new version of this remake has been released recently (and completely passed under our radar).

This new Pokemon fan game is called Pokemon The Legend of RED, is just a tech demo, and was created by the man behind Pokemon Fire Red 3D.

As we’ve already reported, Pokemon Fire Red 3D is a remake of Pokemon FireRed Version that was originally released on the Game Boy Advance. The Unreal Engine 4 fan remake features a real-time combat system (instead of the turn-based system used in the original) and a third-person camera viewpoint.

Pokemon The Legend of RED and Pokemon Fire Red 3D appear to have a lot of similarities. Their UI is similar, their mechanics are similar, their visuals are similar, their combat system is similar; generally speaking, Pokemon The Legend of RED appears to be identical to Pokemon Fire Red 3D in every way.

Those interested can download the latest version of Pokemon The Legend of RED from here. As said, this is a tech demo created by a fan so don’t expect it to be polished. Still, it’s a pretty cool demo that players can play on the PC.

Have fun everyone!