Pockie Ninja “Shipudden” Pack coming out this Autumn

NGames have announced “Shipudden”, a brand new expansion pack for their popular anime-inspired MMORPG, Pockie Ninja. In this whole new chapter, players will encounter the mysterious yet dangerous group Akatsuki, and display their skills in the newly-introduced PvP system, the Challenge Zone.
The new chapter of Pockie Ninja will showcase the primary members of Akatsuki: Pain, Deidara, Kisame Hoshigaki, Hidan and Konan. All S-rank ninjas who will make their debut.
Additionally, after arena challenge, national cup and world cup, Pockie Ninja has introduced another PvP play mode, Challenge Zone. It’s more fun, more exciting and only the strongest can enter the area of Challenge Zone.
The countdown for the release of Pockie Ninja’s new chapter starts today so make sure to follow Pockie Ninja on Facebook and Twitter.