Pockie Ninja gets new items, PvP challenge modes and a veritable treasure trove of other new stuff

NGames have revealed details of the latest version update to Pockie Ninja set for release on August 11th. According to the press release, the game will be treated to a bounty of new game modes, items, optimisations and more this Thursday, thanks to the release of the game’s latest version. The update will see several new items, equipment and PVP challenge modes added to the game, as well as multiple modifications to existing functions.
Pockie Ninja’s in-game Item Mall is expanding its shelf space to make way for new magical weapons and scrolls. A Lv.6 Engrave Blade; a new Apprentice Panel Opening Book; Mid-sized Beans (increasing Satiety level to 330); and a Secret Technique Scroll containing 3 limited edition weapons, a rare ring and other items; will all be made available when the new version is released.
More items will also be introduced into Pockie Ninja’s general play. Taking on a boss in the Las Noches challenge could now earn you a Secret Technique Scroll, while rewards for advanced outfit transfers and event-exclusive clothing sets will be available.
Budding ninjas will receive a host of new equipment to enjoy, with three 5-part clothing sets being added to the game. The Angelic Union, Dragon King, and Sacred Arm clothing sets each come in 5-parts including boots, armour, helms, belts and gloves and each enhance key ninja attributes during battle.
Pockie Ninja’s PVP system is also receiving a massive update, with new challenge zones set to test the wits of any martial artist. The Death Challenge zone – open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday challenges players to defend their lives through 30 minutes of gruelling battles. If a player is successful, they win the round and claim a bounty of useful in-game rewards.
Meanwhile, the Endurance Challenge zone that is open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday will pit players against each other in a bid to last the longest. Each challenger will become the host after a victory, with the event continuing and the jackpot accumulating until a final winner is determined. Losing challengers can re-challenge their opponents after failure, meaning these battles are as much about stamina as they are fighting prowess.
The new challenge modes will even allow players to unlock new special titles once certain requirements are met, and there are bonus rewards for players who host the events!
Last but not least, the latest update promises important visual and usability enhancements to many of Pockie Ninja’s current core functions. The character creation panel will be optimised to promote ease of use, along with tweaks to the rankings list and Dragon Soul clothing sets.
A set of popular old pets will also be reintroduced to the game, as well as a new system that means pet synthesis levels raise to +27 and Satiety levels increase whenever a pet levels up.
So if you are a die-hard fan of this browser-based brawler, make sure to mark August 11th on your calendar.