Pockie Ninja: Chapter 6 Coming Tomorrow

Publisher NGames have revealed the latest chapter to hit their their free-to-play anime-insipired MMO. Rolling out this Wednesday, Dec 7th, Chapter 6 will introduce a new game-wide Card System that allows players of Pockie Ninja to collect and exchange special cards for free in-game items.
The massive update also increases the Newbie Quest levels to level 26, making the game more accessible to new players. New items, synthesis formulas, special high level sets, and brand new in-game titles will also be introduced.
Chapter 6 marks the introduction of brand new Card Houses to five of Pockie Ninja’s villages, where players of all levels can enter to try their luck at winning free in-game items.
Players can collect the brand new character cards by taking on challenges throughout Pockie Ninja’s world, from facing the massive Las Noches Tower – a dizzying 170 floor ascent of increasingly difficult battles – to exploring the depths of the Valhalla realm.
Each card will have it’s own colour coded classification: green, blue, purple, orange or gold. Finding cards of certain colours will reward players with relevant gifts, such as Pet Eggs for green cards, Wishing Pots for blue cards, and even the card system exclusive item Kage level weaponry, which can only be obtained by collecting Orange cards.
To celebrate this major new gameplay facet, NGames will be launching a series of in-game events from December 8th – December 18th, where players will win a variety of free rewards simply by using, collecting and exchanging the cards with other ninjas.
Last but not least, Chapter 6 adds a host of tweaks and refinements to make Pockie Ninja’s gameplay smoother than ever. Some of them are the in-game interface tweaks to optimize quest navigation, Bounty Quest auto refresh intervals being halved from 60 to 30 minutes, Tailed Beast form amended to the Defence against Tailed Beasts content from Chapter 5, the ability to transfer beasts and S-rank outfits in the Transfer Shop, as well as multiple bug fixes.