Battlefield 3 PC Now Features Falling Tower In Caspian Border; Battlelog and Servers Are Back Online

Admit it, you were a bit jealous that PS3 gamers could witness the fall of the antenna tower in the Caspian Border. And although DICE hadn’t revealed when this feature would pass on the PC version, look and behold as the latest PC patch that was released today features it. Oh yeah, PC gamers can now see the ‘falling antenna tower’ in the Caspian Border map. Moreover, both Battlelog and the PC patch are live right now, with the patch weighting over 3.5GB. DICE added some interesting features and in case you weren’t aware of, Ping is now present in the scoreboard and the chat window has been tweaked and moved to the top left of the screen. Furthermore, Battlelog has now more filter options as PC gamers can filter things like kill cam, vehicles, squad leader spawn. Enjoy some footage of the falling antenna from a PC match after the jump.
In other news, the Back to Karkand Expansion is live now on the PS3 and in order to celebrate its launch, DICE has released a new trailer, featuring explosive PlayStation 3 gameplay from the all-time classic map Wake Island.
Battlefield 3 Caspian Boarder Tower Comes Down!

Battlefield 3: Wake Island Gameplay Trailer