PlatinumGames will announce several big and small games this year

President Kenichi Sato and studio head Atsushi Inaba spoke to Inside Games about the new year. Kenichi Sato referred to games such as Astral Chain and NieR: Automata. Both of these games are being considered as a success due to their high critic score.

“Starting early on in the year, I believe we’ll continue to roll out various announcements, big and small, throughout the year.” Atsushi Inaba

Sato also said that this year is very important because of the Tokyo Olympics. Many people around the world will be watching, so they want to go all-out and bring smiles to the fans and everyone else interested in their games.

Last year, we said that 2019 would be a year where the curtain rises for a new stage for PlatinumGames. We’re a bit late on that, but I believe we’ll have several big announcements to deliver early in the new year, so please look forward to that. That’s a promise I’ll definitely keep [laughs]. Kenichi Sato

Personally, I enjoyed playing several games from PlatinumGames and their upcoming game Babylon’s Fall looks interesting. I would also love to see a sequel to Vanquish. We will make sure to let you know on any further developments.

You can read the whole interview here and you can also read the original article in Japanese here.

Thanks Siliconera and Inside-Games.

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