Planet management God game, The Universim, is coming to Steam on August 28th

Crytivo Games has announced that its planet management God game, The Universim, will be released on August 28th and will be available on Steam, the Crytivo Store, GOG, and Humble with the possibility of more storefronts to follow.

Alex Koshelkov, Founder and CEO of Crytivo, said:

“It is a huge milestone for our team to release the game on Steam. Throughout development, we have worked closely with the community to refine the experience and focus on meeting expectations. It has been a long road, but we are so proud of how far we’ve come. The team has poured a lot of heart into the game to create a truly unique and enjoyable experience.”

The Universim promises to combine everything players love about god games and city simulators, thus giving them complete control over the fate of a young species. Players will survive the brutality of nature, advance their civilization, and wield the powers of good or evil.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Experience organic, living planets. Watch as your actions shape the world around you.
  • Wield the immense power of a god, using your abilities to heal, create, or destroy.
  • Drive progress through the dynamic research system and a thirst for industry.
  • The entire world is a simulation, consisting of complex creature behavior, weather systems, and dynamic events.
  • Advance through the eras, culminating in the age of galactic exploration and colonization. Discover vibrant alien planets with a diverse range of flora and fauna.

Sasha Shumski, a producer at Crytivo, concluded:

“The Universim is full of surprises. It tends to feel familiar, but offers something entirely new. You have to experience it for yourself to really understand what I’m talking about. It’s both challenging and incredibly entertaining to guide this little civilization over the years. You can impart so much of yourself in it, too. You can be good or evil or somewhat indifferent. I truly believe that The Universim will satisfy the tastes of all types of players.”