Pillars of Eternity – Update 3.01 Is Now Available

Obsidian Entertainment has released a new update for Pillars of Eternity. According to its changelog, this patch features some UI fixes and tweaks, fixes some resting options in dialogues that were not working correctly, and packs some fixes for the White March Expansion. This patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam and you can read its complete changelog below.

Pillars of Eternity – Update 3.01 Changelog:

Major Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where players were unable to loot containers in Ondra’s Gift at night.
  • Using Abydon’s Hammer will now properly unequip offhand items.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent the game hanging on completion of some Stronghold adventures.

White March Specific

  • Marunn’s door in the Great Hall will no longer be sealed if the area, for any reason, resets its persistence data upon returning to it from lower levels of the battery.
  • Various balance fixes to combats and skill checks in the Abbey of the Fallen Moon.
  • Fixed white box effect appearing on tentacle emerge in Maneha’s cutscene in Burden of Memory quest.
  • Cleaned up the infiltration option into the Abbey of the Fallen Moon so it will feel less confusing.
  • Fixed an issue where attacking Kaoto after peaceful dialogue, then sneaking into Halls of Silence unseen by any other guards, and then selecting a particular dialogue option if discovered by guards in Halls of Silence, will no longer cause the game to hang.
  • Adjusted Maneha’s stats down to 78. Previously they were at 81.
  • Fixed an issue in the Ice Floes scripted interaction in Cayron’s Scar so it will display the correct name when a Dexterity check is failed.
  • Picking up Grey Sleeper while your character’s inventory is full will no longer delete your character’s previously equipped weapon.
  • Fixed issue with a guard in Cragholdt Bluffs that barks “You had your chance” after every dialogue ending.
  • Fixed issues with Mowrghek Ien where combats could be started with enemies that the player could not reach.
  • Updated Kraken Poison Cloud to use correct icon/name.
  • Fixed problem where the fort gate may not open during an Eyeless attack.
  • Ending interstitial now plays proper VO.

Spells and Abilities

  • Lowered Reaping Knives focus gain to 30% so that it’ll be the correct amount after Soul.
  • Updated Healing Chain so its no longer a Spell Chance and now it correct functions as a Spellbind.
  • Fixed Triumph of the Crusaders so it is now working correctly.
  • Characters now gain Second Wind correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where characters were getting Second Wind twice.
  • Fixed Distant Advantage accuracy bonus applying as a penalty.
  • Updated Hope Eternal so that it now works correctly.


  • Infinite-duration status effects from missing equipment will be removed on load.
  • Added the Outmanuvering Name to the 2nd unlock for Steadfast for certain classes.
  • Steadfast now has the correct unlock for Druids.
  • Gyrd Haewanes Stenes will now present a pop-up UI on its final level up.


  • Updated new traps so they’re using the correct icons and names. Also updated the the Part I Killing Bolt Trap and Storm of Fire Trap.
  • Fixed some resting options in dialogues that were not working correctly.
  • Option to buy veteran troops for the battle of Yenwood will no longer only display once. It will stay available until purchased.
  • Fixed issue with traps not being marked as “Detected” soon enough. This was causing high Mechanics party members to detect friendly “traps” from some spells.


  • Fixed area maps so the fog of war correctly covers the entire map in some areas that were having problems.
  • Added the sketch to Abydon’s Hammer.
  • Hooked up new icons for various Eyeless abilities.
  • Fixing some bestiary bugs. Eyeless Stonepiercers using the wrong names and Snow Bears not counting to the right Bestiary entry.
  • Snow Bear added into the bestiary.
  • Fixed grimoire learn buttons not showing the first time a grimoire was opened.
  • Form of the Delemgan should have redundant entries in the UI removed.
  • Better UI formatting for abilities that reduce affliction durations.