Pillars Of Eternity feature

Pillars of Eternity – Backer Beta Now Available

As promised, Obsidian Entertainment has released the Backer Beta build of Pillars of Eternity. This build is based on the one showcased at this year’s Gamescom and will be released – at least for now – only via Steam and only for Windows.

“We are working hard on bringing Mac and Linux to you guys in the next few weeks. Note that if you are concerned about linking the Backer Beta to the final product, you need not worry — the Backer Beta is considered a separate product. If you want to participate in the Backer Beta, your final product will not be locked into Steam or Windows.”

Obsidian plans to update the Backer Beta over time to test performance improvements, bug fixes, balance passes, and other changes.

As Obsidian noted, there is no NDA so get ready to get lots of playthroughs from all those we’ve already backed this game.