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Photo of an alleged RDNA2 Engineering sample GPU, possibly for RX 6000, leaked

It appears that a photo has been posted online over at Bilibili, which is a Chinese video sharing website, coming via @Avery78, and rumor has it that this might be an engineering sample of one of the upcoming Big Navi SKUs. We don’t know for sure which graphics processor this is, but one would guess this could be the upcoming NAVI 2x RDNA2-based GPU variant.

The image shows an early test board, having a standard rectangular PCB. We can also see some labels attached to the PCB/board, such as ‘Typical Samsung 16Gb‘, which appears to indicate the Memory Type used on this board. The leaker says that this GPU is having 3+3+2 modules (8 in total), which means we are looking at a 256-bit wide Memory interface bus for this early engineering sample. There would be a total of 8 GDDR6 dies at the front of the PCB in a 3+3+2 layout.

Another label reads, ‘Full ???? Typical XT A0 ASIC’. This means the sample is a Gaming GPU, because the XT variant/moniker is usually reserved for the Radeon RX series, and not Radeon Pro which target the HPC/AI market. The board doesn’t appear to be a final retail version, since we can clearly see some dip switches and various voltage measurement points as well. At the back of the PCB there are PCB markings for the GDDR6 memory. The card is allegedly using 16 GB GDDR6 memory along a 256-bit bus interface.

From the photo we can also see a huge CPU-type cooler being attached to this graphics processor, few LED load indicators and at least two power connectors, including one 8-pin, to run diagnostics in a test environment. The LEDs are part of the GPU Tach which has been featured on several high-end Radeon RX graphics cards before, and acts like a load meter to measure the amount of load put on the GPU.

AMD will officially unveil the Radeon RX 6000 series on October 28. The company has promised to reveal more information on the next-generation RDNA2-based graphics cards. AMD did not confirm the launch date yet, but we expect the RX 6000 series to officially debut in November.

Stay tuned for more!

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