PC Is A Very Important Platform For Activision, Remains The Most Profitable Platform

And here is another big surprise for all PC gamers. After EA, Konami and Ubisoft, here comes Activision to join the PC-bandwagon. While all these publishers will never admit how important to them the PC platform actually is (you all know why okay okay, Ubisoft already did), their financial results show the PC platform leading the charts (or being among the two/three most profitable platforms). And according to Activision’s latest financial results, the PC is the most profitable platform.

Activision Q2 Results PC

A couple of things to note here. Online is entirely dedicated to World of Warcraft and Activision has listed three consoles as “Next-Gen Consoles”. These are: WiiU, PS4 and Xbox One. Moreover, the “Mobile and Other” category includes toys, mobile, and other accessories and handheld.

Since Next-Gen Consoles features three platforms, we can safely say that the PC is the most profitable platform for Activision. Furthermore, if we add Online and PC together, we get ourselves a revenue the surpasses all next-gen consoles combined.

It’s pretty obvious that PC performs incredible well. Not only that, but Activision did give Treyarch the green light in order to implement mapping and mod tools in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.