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PC games sales in 2017 are almost as big as all console sales combined

PC gaming appears to be in a really healthy stage. Today, GamesIndustry published some interesting statistics about the video-game sales of 2017. GamesIndustry reached out numerous analysts in order to create the following graph, and browsed through lots of financials and sales figures.

As we can see, PC gaming accounts for 28% of the total game market in 2017, whereas consoles (this includes all consoles) accounts for 29%. As such, and if we compare the PC individually with each console, we can easily see how more profitable PC gaming actually is.

Going into slightly more details, PC gaming generated $32.3 billion in 2017 and saw a YoY growth of 1.4%. Boxed and downloaded PC games generated $27.1 billion whereas browser PC games generated for $5.2 billion.

Naturally, the biggest video-game market right now is the mobile which accounts for 43%.

Still, and what’s really important here, is that PC gaming is a really healthy market, something that more and more console-only developers appear to acknowledge. With the exception of first-party titles, the PC is currently getting all sorts of console games; from fighting to arcade and JRPGs.

Below you can find GamesIndustry’s graph. Here’s to a better and bigger new year!