PC gamers, meet Underrail; an indie isometric RPG that is created by a single person

As we’ve said countless of times, we love indie games and we really respect indie devs. And we are delighted to present you today Underrail, an indie isometric RPG that is created by Dejan Radisic. Underrail focuses on combat and exploration and has a Fallout/Syndicate feel to it. And let us tell you that we love Underrail’s artistic style and simplistic 2D graphics. After all, a game does not have to feature one hell of special effects in order to be appealing.
Dejan Radisic has also released a video that showcases some of his game’s features. Underrail will come with stealth mechanics, the ability to detect stealthed enemies, a ventilation system you can access and use it to move around or hide from the enemies, melee combat, as well as security cameras that players can use.
It definitely looks interesting and we’ll be sure to keep an eye on it.
Enjoy the following video and keep in mind that it is made by a single person. And special thanks to Dejan himself for informing us about it. Great work man and keep it up!
Underrail - alpha build gameplay