PC gamers, meet Project Zomboid; an indie Zombie Survival Isometric Retro RPG

PC gamers, meet Project Zomboid; an indie Zombie Survival isometric RPG. Developed by The Indie Stone, Project Zomboid is a retro-isometric style with plenty of zombie insides thrown in for good measure and a massive city. Players will be able to loot, salvage, and build what they need to survive the apocalypse, from food and medical supplies, to weapons, even just booze to help get you through the nights.
Moreover, an advanced item crafting system promises to allow players to use looted items to build weapons, traps, defenses, and many other things to help them survive. Character progression is also a nice feature, as players can learn skills and perks to help their character face the challenges of survival.
Last but not least, players will have to face starvation, illness, loneliness, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide, insanity, and trust issues as there’s more to zombie survival than shooting zombie heads off. Oh, and the game supports co-op multiplayer.
The Indie Stone has released a new tech demo that shows off the game’s new lighting system and can be viewed bellow.
Those interested can purchase it from here.