PC gamers, meet Hedgewars; a freeware clone of Worms

Hedgewars is a turn based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game, featuring the antics of pink hedgehogs with attitude as they battle from the depths of hell to the depths of space. In other words, it’s a Worms clone that is released for free. The team behind it is constantly updating and they yesterday rolled out its latest update that can be downloaded from its official website.
Hedgewars’ 0.9.17 version brings to the game a new theme, Cave. Players can now fight amongst translucent crystals in a cave underground, endless dripping builds up stalactites and stalagmites, and the light from outside illuminates the cold gray world.
The update also comes with a new voicepack, improvements to its AI as the CPU can now switch hogs, while more improvements are planned in future, a frontend revamp, and a number of small graphical tweaks.
Here is the entire changelog, as well as a video of the game’s previous version. Enjoy!
Hedgewars 0.9.17 Update Changelog:
+ New theme, Cave
+ New voicepack, Hillbilly
+ More attractive mission screen with previews
+ Chat timestamping, links, input history, tab completion
+ AI smarter, now uses switch. Also tweaks to mine/crate/barrel rules
+ Customisable chat by dragging a .css file, see file generated by the /saveStyleSheet command
+ Errors/warnings in chat instead of popup boxes
+ Mousewheel to change hog/weapon counts in game creation
+ Refresh DLC page on access, display notice if DLC page is not accessible
+ Team colours changed, again
+ Land texture on maps using mask of black
+ Spread clouds/flakes over near/far layers for more 3D
+ Team coloured RC/airstrike
+ Icy girders/bridges on Snow/Christmas themes, support for ice land type (blue in mask)
+ Sticky mines, mines activate 1s after use in infinite attack mode
+ Grenades/bazooka/melon pieces/ballgun now kicked by explosions
+ Minor theme optimisation, Optional SkyR
+ Camera follows melon, clusterbomb, gas cloud
* More fixes to fullscreen/window resize on non-Linux systems
* Vertical movement should be restricted for small displays, camera will try less hard to keep hog in centre
* Keep mouse from jumping around when ammo menu is active
* Hogs can now move after trapping another hog in a portal loop
* ctrl-w no longer closes engine window
* Fix bugs in blowtorch angle/direction
* Fix playing notes on the piano
* Fix some colours in greyscale 3D
* Fix Lua overrides of map config
* Girders no longer make windows in tunnels
* Prevent some more escaping through border, firepunch, pickhammer
* Many frontend bugfixes, code cleanup. Crash in game abort, flake clipping, invalid state on room close
* Many other engine bugfixes.  SDL event crasher, timebox crasher, birdy hang, desync on quits, crash in birdy eggshell, hammer + vamp + invuln, clouds on Deep Space theme, etc
Hedgewars 0.9.13 Official Trailer!