Croteam wants to revisit Serious Sam 2; possible remake in the future

It’s no secret that every Serious Sam fan hates its second part. Although it had its moments, it was nowhere as frenetic, serious or good as its first parts. As Croteam explained some months ago, that was mainly due to their publisher. As it was revealed back then, 2K Games had put undue pressure on the developers to make their game less serious which resulted to what we got and justifies Croteam’s decision to move away from their initial target. And although Serious Sam 2 had its issues, Croteam feels the need to return to it… sometime in the near future.
As the developers revealed at their FB page, they feel the need to remake Serious Sam 2. Instead of doing a HD version though, Croteam wants to redesign the game and change its gameplay.
As Croteam stated:
“There is a lot we would like to change in gameplay, visuals etc. to make it like i…t should have been (that’s why it is reffered to as total remake), unlike HDs where gameplay sticked to the originals. But, we decided to keep it in original, as, contrary to general thinking, looking at feedbacks we received over years, quite a few people like it as is now and we would dissapoint them.”
So yeah, there is a chance for a remake of Serious Sam 2 and if everything goes according to plan, Croteam will start working on this Serious Sam 2 remake after the release of Serious Sam 3: BFE. Hooray!