PC gamers, meet GoD Factory: Wingmen; a space combat indie title

God Factory Wingmen
Mary Kish has informed us about a new space combat indie game called GoD Factory: Wingmen. GoD Factory: Wingmen is a competitive multiplayer 4vs4 space combat simulator for PC in which you build your ships part by part. The game is being developed by Nine Dots Studio and there is a Kickstarter campaign for it.
Nine Dots Studio aims to raise $70K in the next 33 days, and you can back it by visiting its Kickstarter page. We should also note that there is and a Steam Greenlight campaign for it.
As the team noted, this is primarily a PC game, but it is very open to the possibility of bringing the game to consoles if the opportunity arises. A Mac version will most probably be release at a later date, and there is a possibility for a Linux version.
GoD Factory: Wingmen key features are:
-Many different gunship classes and parts to choose from;
-Build 2 gunships and lend the one you’re not using to your teammates or keep it for later;
-Different weapons and abilities are amplified by cooperating with your allies;
-Destroy the enemy Carrier part by part, taking away its abilities progressively;
-Complex weapon attributes provide a wide array of strategies to experiment.
GoD Factory: Wingmen Reveal Trailer (Pre-alpha)