PC gamers, meet Epic Inventor; a freeware clone of Terraria

Epic Inventor is a free game that is currently in beta, which is inspired by Terraria and therefore Minecraft. Developed by Weed and Forrest, Epic Inventor is basically a re-imagining of Terraria, with all those little details and features that the indie developers felt missing from Re-Logic’s gem. Given the fact that it’s a free game, we’d recommend everyone to download and give it a go. Download link and video for it are available bellow.
As Weed explained:
“Of course, our goal was not to recreate that game (it’s awesome enough by itself) but whenever we talked about it, we talked about what we wish was included, or what we wished it did. Not that it was wrong for not including what we wanted, but rather we enjoyed talking about what we thought would be fun, even if it was just fun to us.
For me, I wished there was more to it – or more to do beyond what was there. The immense amount of time I spent playing Minecraft probably shortened my attention span for Terraria when it comes to the creative aspect. I have a game (Minecraft) that I use to let my creativity run wild in and in Terraria I was looking for something a little different after 100+ hours of playing it.”
Epic Inventor can be downloaded from its official website. Be sure to also donate to Weed for his hard work in case you find his game enjoyable.