PC gamers, meet A New Zero; the first ever physics-based FPS

Animations. We’ve come to an age where everyone talks about a game’s animations. Animations are a feature that most of us hope will get overhauled when next-generation platforms hit the market. But what if a game didn’t feature any pre-cooked animations. Well, time to get a glimpse of such a title with A New Zero, the first ever physics-based FPS.
As the game’s creator, CrypticSea describes, everything you’re about to see in the video is physics-based, there are no animations (the entire game is still less than 1MB).  The players are moved forward by the legs moving, and not the other way around.  The only “cheating” right now is forces applied to the waist for balance and direction.  The gun recoil is simply a force applied to the gun, which moves the hand which then propagates the force through the body.
Naturally, A New Zero seems inspired by Minecraft, due to its voxel visuals. However, it does look unique and kind of interesting. The game is currently at version 0.78 and those interested can give it a go by downloading from its official website.