PC gamers can sign up for the Closed Beta phase of Disintegration + PC Requirements

Private Division and V1 Interactive have announced that gamers can now sign-up for the Closed Beta phase of Disintegration. In addition, the teams revealed the official PC system requirements for this Beta phase.

Disintegration is a new sci-fi first-person shooter from the co-creator of the first Halo. The game promises to feature a frenetic PvP multiplayer against other pilots and their crew. Moreover, it will feature some real-time tactical elements. Thus, players will be able to control a squad of units on the ground.

V1 Interactive suggests using an Intel  i5 5th Generation CPU with an NVIDIA GTX970 and 8GB of RAM for NVIDIA gamers. For AMD users, the team suggests using an RYZEN 5 1600 with an RX480 and 8GB of RAM. These systems will be able to run the game at 1920×1080.

You can go ahead and sign up for the beta here.

Stay tuned for more!