PC gamers, be advised: Skyrim 1.2 comes with broken Damage/Magic Resistance; Crashes To Desktop still present

Oh boy, I certainly wouldn’t want to be in Bethesda’s place right now as every gamer is cursing them. Since the PC version of Skyrim’s latest update was delayed, we were hoping that it wouldn’t be haunted by bugs or issues. However, that’s not the case so make sure to avoid upgrading to it right now. Why? Because the damage/magic resistance is completely broken in the 1.2 version. Now this is a global issue and not something that only a bunch of PC gamers are experiencing so yeah, this is a crucial issue, especially if you are a Mage. Therefore, make sure to run the game in offline mode in order to avoid Steam’s auto-update functionality.
On the other hand, some Steam members are experiencing issues with key remapping and fast travelling, while others face some incompatibility issues with various mods. Oh, and some dragons are flying… backwards. In addition, a lot of users are experiencing those dreadful crashes to desktop. Yeap, that’s right; CTD’s have not been fixed. As always though, there is a workaround to this problem so make sure to use the 4GB Skyrim mod that is compatible with Skyrim’s latest version.
Skyrim’s 1.2 patch is simply broken, so it’s really not worth it upgrading to it. It’s funny but this patch is worse than DICE’s patches, and that says a lot in our humple opinion. For the time being, avoid it at all costs everyone!