PC Exclusive “Reset” Features A World Area Of 16 Square Kilometers, Is Powered By Nvidia’s PhysX

Reset v2

Last week, Theory Interactive released a gameplay teaser for its upcoming first person puzzle game, Reset. A lot of people – included us – were impressed by its visuals and wanted to learn more about this PC exclusive title. In an interview with Mikko Kallinen, co-founder, programmer and composer at Theory Interactive who worked previously at Futuremark, we found out that Reset is powered by Nvidia’s PhysX middleware and that it features a world area of 16 square kilometers.

As Mikko told us when we asked him about the game’s maps and its physics middleware:

“Reset has a single open game world with an area of about 16 square kilometers. We made a conscious decision to not have destructibility in the game. It makes more sense in a shooter anyway. We use NVIDIA PhysX for physics.”

As Mikko told us, the game has not even reached its alpha stage, meaning that it is still long way until it gets finished.

Our interview with Theory Interactive will go live this weekend, so stay tuned for more!

Reset Gameplay Teaser