PC demo released for Unreal Engine-powered 3D run and gun platformer, Chaos Domain

Chaos Domain

Holy Warp has released a PC demo of Chaos Domain, a run and gun hardcore platformer game that is powered by Unreal Engine. Chaos Domain is an Unreal Engine-powered 3D run and gun platformer game, inspired by classic Contra series, as well as titles like Abuse, Doom Troopers and Shadow Complex.

The game is set on a huge spaceship occupied by chaos cultists, where our main character (who clearly looks like a hi-tech version of the god Anubis) must kill everyone in sight.

The Demo-version represents a slice of game, just to give you an idea what it
is about. The levels and balance are all work-in-progress. You can’t buy
and upgrade weapons and abilities in demo version. 2 players co-op is available too.

The key features of Chaos Domain are:

• Classic gameplay, influenced by Contra series.
• 30 levels.
• Upgradable weapons and a range of special abilities to choose from.
• Pure hardcore run and gun action.

Those interested can vote for Chaos Domain on Steam Greenlight.


Chaos Domain (PC Video)