Path of Exile – Second Phase Of Open Beta Launched

Path Of Exile
Grinding Gear Games announced that the latest major content update for their popular action RPG Path of Exile will be released on Wednesday, June 5th (New Zealand time). A wealth of exciting gameplay features have been implemented to kick off the second phase of the game’s Open Beta, including two four-month leagues that will provide players with new gameplay, new Unique items, and eight exclusive achievement-like Challenges.
Path of Exile’s second phase of open beta will support two new leagues, offering a degree of gameplay above the original Standard and Hardcore leagues, and will last from June 8th to October 8th. These two modes are: Anarch and Onslaught. Both Anarchy and Onslaught leagues provide distinctive gameplay modifications, as well as six new base items and six new (league-specific) Uniques.
In Anarchy league, the corruption of Wraeclast has overtaken the minds of many exiles, which players will occasionally encounter on their journey through the world of Path of Exile. These depraved individuals should be treated with caution, as the computer-controlled rogues can deploy the skills and items of player characters with deadly force.
Onslaught league has been crafted specifically for players that found Path of Exile’s existing Hardcore league to be too easy, and comes with increases to monster attack, cast, and movement speeds. Onslaught league will function somewhat like a lighter version of the game’s Turbo races, except it will last for four months.
Concurrent with the introduction of Anarchy and Onslaught leagues, eight goals appropriately called Challenges will be available for players looking to truly master their chosen league. While most can be completed in either league, two are league-exclusive, beckoning intensive tasks from those who wish to finish them all before October 8th.
The eight Challenges are:
-Slay the 13 rogue exiles (Anarchy only).
-Reach level 60 on each character class (Onslaught only).
-Use a Map of every type in the Map Device.
-Allocate all of the notable and keystone passives.
-Receive 34 specific items from vendor recipes.
-Full-clear each non-Map area in any difficulty.
-Use all currency items (excluding Mirror of Kalandra).
-Own a specific set of 90 Unique items at the same time.
A significant re-balance of game areas and monster abilities has also been introduced with 0.11.0. All monster damage has been reduced, corresponding with reductions to passive skills involving player Life and Energy Shield. Now characters rely much less on life than before, compensating with defensive options such as armor. Although melee characters benefit most from this re-balance, previously underpowered builds have also seen substantial improvements. As a result of these changes, players will receive a full reset of their passive skills via a single-use button.
Item allocation has also been implemented with 0.11.0, allowing a party leader to choose from the following item allocation modes:
-Free for All: Items are not allocated to players and can be picked up immediately.
-Short Allocation: The exact system we have at the moment. Valuable items allocate to a random nearby player for a short duration. There is a small bonus if you’re far away from the item.
-Permanent Allocation: Valuable items allocate to a random nearby player.
Additionally, players can now toggle the display of mini life bars for allies, enemies, or both. Enemies’ life bars are only shown when they’ve taken damage, allowing for easier focus on foes nearing death.
Chris Wilson, Path of Exile’s lead designer concluded:
“We’re extremely excited about this patch. It has taken an immense amount of effort and is really fun to play. If you’ve been waiting for a fresh league to play some new characters, tell your friends and join us on June 8. See you there!”