Panzer Dragoon Saga had a working PC version that was never released, could SEGA re-release it on Steam?

Now here is something interesting. Giancarlo Varanini revealed at the latest Giantbomb Podcast thatĀ GameTap had a working PC version of Panzer Dragoon Saga when he was working at the company. This is something unexpected and we are really surprised with the fact that it was never released to other services, even via the digital distribution services.
According to Varanini, the GameTap guys rewrote the entire game for their GameTap client service – and they might still have the source code of the PC version. Panzer Dragoon Saga PC was supposed to be the last big thing from that company. Unfortunately, this version never saw the light of day as gametap closed.
Since the game never got released to the PC, who kind of hope that SEGA will obtain the source code from GameTap and re-release it in Steam. Now that would be really great. So spread the word guys.
You can download the Podcast from here. Head to 19:50 to hear about the PC version of Panzer Dragoon Saga. Special thanks to Neogaf’s user ‘Xater’ for spotting it.