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Overclocking to Return to Nvidia Mobile GPUs

Nvidia seems to have taken notice to all of the negative attention it has been getting lately in regards to their decision to block users from overclocking the mobile GPUs. Nvidia released an official statement on the matter just last night.

“As you know, we are constantly tuning and optimizing the performance of your GeForce PC.

We obsess over every possible optimization so that you can enjoy a perfectly stable machine that balances game, thermal, power, and acoustic performance.

Still, many of you enjoy pushing the system even further with overclocking.

Our recent driver update disabled overclocking on some GTX notebooks. We heard from many of you that you would like this feature enabled again. So, we will again be enabling overclocking in our upcoming driver release next month for those affected notebooks.

If you are eager to regain this capability right away, you can also revert back to 344.75.

Overclockers rejoice, here in the next few weeks you should be overclocking your chips once again.

It was wise for Nvidia to reverse this decision as they have been getting a fair bit of negative PR here in these past few months. Although despite the fact that the decision to block overclocking was reversed, it brings up the question: “Who is making the decisions and who needs to be fired?”

In all seriousness though, Nvidia has made a myriad of poor decisions lately and with AMD being such a strong competitor, are we going to see a lot of Nvidia users jump ship to AMD? Only time will tell.