Over Jump feature

Over Jump is an unofficial remake of SEGA Rally in Unreal Engine 5

SAGE 2022 is currently under way, offering demos from numerous indie games. And one title that is more or less an unofficial remake of SEGA Rally Championship in Unreal Engine 5 caught my attention. And yes, there is a demo that you can download and play.

Over Jump is created by a single developer, Alessandro Schiassi, and is currently in an alpha stage. The ultimate goal of this project is to remake the entire first SEGA Rally game in UE5. As such, Over Jump promises to have great graphics but the same arcade driving style that players loved.

Currently, Schiassi plans to complete the Forest track with a basic Time Attack mode, and release it for free in October. Then, and provided SEGA approves this project, the artist may recreate the rest remaining stages.

But anyway, this fan project looks cool, and you can download its demo from here. As said, this is an alpha demo, so keep that in mind.

Lastly, you can find below a comparison video between Over Jump and SEGA Rally. You can also find the official trailers for SAGE 2022, which showcase A LOT of Sonic, Mario, and Kirby fan games here!

Over Jump - Alpha Demo Gameplay 4k - Unreal Engine 5