Omega Quintet is coming to Steam later this year

Ghostlight has today announced that they will also be bringing Idea Factory’s hybrid JRPG/ Idol Simulation, Omega Quintet, to PC later this year. Omega Quintet was developed by Compile Heart under the brand Galapagos RPG for PS4, whilst Fukahire handled the original character design. 

According to the press release, Ghostlight will be working hard to create the best PC version possible, offering support for multiple screen resolutions, Steam Achievements, Cloud saving, plus full mouse/keyboard and controller support.

Here are the key features of Omega Quintet:

  • Power of music!  Harness the power of song to defeat evil!  Every fight is a performance, and you’ve gotta give the audience what they want!  Enter “Concert Mode” to get musical boosts and fill your Voltage Gauge faster to perform special skills.
  • Break a…garter?  It may be the end of the world, but your idols must always be ready to perform!  You’ll be able to customize their outfits, accessories, hair, and more!  Be careful though, as sustaining hits from enemies can cause a “Costume Break” which will compromise their outfits, leaving them vulnerable to more damage!
  • Lethal harmonies!  An idol group combines their talents to create beautiful harmonies, and with the “Harmonics” system you can sing your enemies right into their graves!  Create deadly super chains of attacks, utilizing each idol’s skill in the right order to keep the pain coming – it’ll be music to your ears!