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Official STALKER Facebook Page & GSC GameWorld Support Areal Kickstarter [UPDATE]

Now here is a nice surprise. The official STALKER Facebook page has just posted a statement regarding the latest project that is inspired by this legendary series. In case you’re not aware of, West Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for what is described as the ‘definitive spiritual successor to STALKER‘. Vostok Games, creators of Survarium, claimed that West Games was deceiving gamers with that statement, however the newest statement from the official STALKER FB is definitely not what most of you have been expecting to hear (or read).

As the official STALKER FB page noted, this particular page represents the interests and intellectual property of GSC GameWorld. And since GSC GameWorld is not currently producing any games, it fully supports every project coming from any former GSC employee.

“Since GSC Game World is not currently producing any games, we have generously and tirelessly supported and promoted all those Games that former GSC Employees have been involved with in the past, currently and in the future. This includes Metro 2033, Survarium, Cradle, Nuclear Union ( no longer in production ) and now Areal. This is nothing new. We also have promoted the Modding Community with major titles such as Misery, The Seed, Lost Alpha and other works. Our position is that all in the Stalker Community benefit from such a diverse and unique variety of Games.”

The official STALKER FB page concluded with a message, most probably addressed to both Vostok Games and the team behind MISERY.

“The only thing we are not tolerant about is one part of the Stalker Community disparaging another.”

Shots fired everyone. Shots fired.

Kudos to OnlySP for spotting it!


The official FB page of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. has edited its message, claiming that the previous one did not reflect GSC GameWorld’s stance on the whole ‘Areal’ matter:

“While we do believe the community of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. should remain united and strong, the previously made statement does not represent the official stance of GSC Game World. The post has therefore been edited. We apologize for the inconveniences.”