Nvidia’s ShadowPlay Got Leaked – Record Your Playthroughs The Nvidia Way


Nvidia’s ShadowPlay service is planned for a worldwide beta launch tomorrow, however it seems that the application got leaked a day prior to that date. Spotted by NeoGAF’s member ‘Sethos’, this application lets you record your playthrough via Nvidia’s GPUs. The upside of this method is that the performance hit of it is significantly smaller than the one witnessed with FRAPS. The downside is that ShadowPlay records up to 20 minutes and does not provide a RAW file.

Still – and given the fact that YouTube messes the image quality of pretty much every video – we’d gladly start using Nvidia’s tool to record our playthroughs.

Those interested can give a go to the beta version of this application by downloading from here. Do note that only the 64-Bit version of ShadowPlay for Windows Vista, 7 & 8 has been leaked.