Counter Strike Condition Zero feature

NVIDIA’s latest drivers hint at Counter-Strike 2 or Counter-Strike Source 2

It appears that NVIDIA’s latest drivers may have leaked a new Counter-Strike game. According to new profiles, there is a new Counter-Strike game in development, called Counter-Strike 2.

My guess is that this is most likely the rumored remaster of CS in Source 2 Engine. After all, it can’t be a sequel to CS as we’d have heard at least something about such a huge project. However, you should temper your expectations. Do not expect this to be a full remake of this classic game.

My guess is that if this is Counter-Strike Source 2, it will only feature QoL improvements (as well as some performance improvements due to Source2 Engine). And yes, I don’t expect higher-quality textures or any Ray Tracing effects.

What’s really interesting here is that these two executables (and the game profile) are brand new. This profile was not present in older versions of the NVIDIA drivers. So yeah, this does appear to be a legit leak.

It will be interesting to see what this “Counter-Strike 2” game is all about. For what it’s worth, NVIDIA and Valve have not commented on this as of yet.

Stay tuned!